Pan-Commonwealth Schools Project

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If you would like to link with a school in Victoria, Australia - or if you are a Victorian school wanting to experience other cultures and link with a school elsewhere in the Commonwealth - click here to register your interest. School2School is part of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Education Program. You and your school will be able to decide exactly how and to what extent you want the relationship to develop with your link school and what activities your students want to be involved in.


MADaboutART is a charity that exists to unite children around the world in understanding and fighting HIV and AIDS through art and education. Art is a shared language, a bridge that reaches between cultures and countries to offer hope and provide children with the information they need to safeguard themselves from HIV. 











 Just for Schools


Looking for a partner school to pair with in the Golden Tapestry?

An important element in the Golden Tapestry is that we are actively encouraging the pairing of schools in different Commonwealth countries, either introducing them to each other or involving schools which already have links. The principle is that the two schools will work on exactly the same briefs, so they can compare notes with each other and  their two canvases will be displayed next to each other at various exhibitions. Our aim is that the links established between schools will endure beyond the project, providing a valuable legacy on which schools and their communities can build. If you would like to be paired in this way, please email us or telephone us on +44 (0)1869 233165

Golden Tapestry Information Pack

Information about the Golden Tapestry project is now available on line!
  Download the Golden Tapestry Information Pack by clicking the "Download" icon below. The Information Pack contains four documents which can also be downloaded separately in Microsoft Word format by following any of the links below.


Download the Zipped file containing all five documents


The Golden Tapestry Presentation


The Golden Tapestry Concept 


  The Golden Tapestry Resource Pack Briefing Notes


The Golden Tapestry Target Numbers of Schools


The Golden Tapestry Education Paper







Should you have any problems downloading these documents, or if you require a different format, please contact us!


BBC World Class.
Whether you're just starting to twin your school or you want to keep the momentum going - visit  and put your school on the map, sign up for the newsletter and share your ideas.

The Development Education Association (DEA) supports and promotes the work of all those engaged in raising awareness and understanding of global and development issues in the UK. It is a national umbrella body working with over 240 member and partner organisations in the UK and overseas.

Development education aims to raise awareness and understanding of how global issues affect the lives of individuals, communities and societies and how all of us can and do influence the global society we live in - as active global citizens. It aims to bring global perspectives into all aspects of learning - the school classroom, universities, local community activities, the media.

The Geographical Association is an independent organisation, celebrating its centenary this year, but today using cutting-edge educational resources to support schools in providing excellence in geography teaching.

Link Community Development works to build partnerships between the education sectors in the North and South, offering schools and teachers in the UK several programmes and events which provide opportunities for them to link and collaborate with their counterparts in South Africa, Ghana and Uganda, for their mutual benefit. 

The Professional Council for Religious Education is an association that works to address the real concerns of RE teachers in all schools and institutions. It is dedicated to promoting understanding of and respect for all the world’s major faiths.

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